The first truly mobile

factoring solution

Take your factoring business to a revolutionary new level through an

end-to-end digital journey and exceptional UX for your clients

and employees. Break free from cumbersome and expensive analogue

processes. Focus on technology-enabled profits and growth.

The first truly mobile

factoring solution

which links all the participants in a factoring transaction – the seller, the buyer and the bank/factor

End-to-end digitalisation of client journey

Fully digital onboarding; dynamic user management and authorization levels

Digitally channel, sign and countersign documents, notifications, confirmations and acceptances

Invoice assignment and financing within less than 2 minutes

Payments directed through the mobile app

Intelligence technology

Scalable and extensible enterprise-grade technology.

Security at Tier-1 financial institutions level.

Core-system agnostic, fully complementing the existing systems and processes.

Your business at your fingertips

See overview of your business with just few clicks

Easily generate reports on the go

Have all necessary information at one place


What our clients often ask

Do I have to change my core factoring system?

No! mFactor is system agnostic. It can work on top of any existing factoring core system, turning it into state-of-the art mobile & mobility platform.

What are the direct benefits I can expect from mFactor implementation?

With our cutting edge technology you’ll achieve strong competitive advantage allowing you to attract clients which value UX, thus increasing your market share. You will streamline your processes dramatically, make them error-free and decrease your operational risks.

How can I be sure that buyers will agree to onboard?

Our solution makes the life easier for everybody. In a standard factoring, buyers will welcome processes, which remove all paperwork and allows them to do all confirmations with just a single tap.

Is mFactor secure?

Security is on the top of our list of priorities. mFactor is based on an enterprise-grade technology, with scalability, extensibility, maintainability and security at Tier-1 financial institutions level.

Would it fit to my existing processes or it would require complete reorganization?

mFactor has been designed by factoring professionals with long experience in the business. We also developed implementation methodology that would make the implementation smooth with minimum disruption to your business.

We don’t do factoring in our organization. What can AMFS offer me?

Since 1993 Factoring business has been sustainably growing in all geographical areas. Current 5y CAGR is at 5%. Factoring’s growth is projected to stay for another 10+ years, driven by the prolonged supply chain disruptions and increase of the global commercial interactions. We can help you set up your new factoring operation in no time and provide you with best in class tools and processes.

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